Can 13 people guide the world of Performance Engineering in 3 days?

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If you ask 10 Technology and Business professionals “What is Performance Engineering“, you’re likely to get 10 (or more) different answers. We’ve all lived through challenging projects, where performance was an afterthought and performance testing turned into a performance nightmare, with the lone performance tester in the hot seat. This is simply not acceptable and needs to change.

Performance Engineering effectively shifts performance throughout the lifecycle and organization enabling the adoption of these capabilities so businesses can deliver results. This is a theme and need that many of us have practiced and discussed for the past 20+ years, and now, we’re doing something about it. For starters, I co-authored an O’Reilly book titled, “Effective Performance Engineering” to help contribute to the conversation. Then at the end of June, 13 like-minded Performance Engineering experts and evangelists gathered to collaborate on how to be catalysts to inspire change.

I was incredibly honored to be part of this amazing group of experts. [Guess it was a baker’s dozen, enough bagels to feed your entire team in a bag; worked for us, kinda like 2 pizzas?]


We called this gathering the Performance Engineering Summit 2016. It was held from 28-30 June 2016 in the Silicon Valley, CA in the USA. The results were something none of us in the diverse group of 13 global experts could have never imagined.


The group that met: [in alphabetical order]

  1. Andre Bondi                    Software Performance Engineering, LLC / ICPE / Book
  2. Rebecca Clinard              Applause / PerformanceWisdom LLC
  3. Todd DeCapua                Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Book
  4. Wilson Mar                      JetBloom
  5. Michael Oehrle                Daimler
  6. Lars Papritz                     Daimler
  7. Alex Podelko                   Oracle / CMG
  8. Eric Proegler                   Soasta / WOPR
  9. Petar Puskarich              Independent
  10. Matt Sarrel                      CMG
  11. Brandon Teets                Nationwide
  12. Kishore Thota                 NBC Universal
  13. Mohit Verma                   Tufts Health / CMG

Represented within the group were all three key global organizations working in the Performance Engineering space.

  1. ICPE: International Conference on Performance Engineering
  2. CMG: Computer Measurement Group
  3. WOPR: Workshop On Performance and Reliability


Our starting agenda for meeting included the below.

  1. Networking and collaboration
  2. Define “performance engineering”
  3. Identify examples, case studies and best practices of “PE”
  4. Outline skills, education, enablement and possibly even certification
  5. Explore possible performance engineering solution frameworks
  6. Internal learning & sharing
  7. External helping people become PE’s [not enough of us]


Outcomes from our meeting resulted in the below industry working group items. [in priority order]

  1. Education Curriculum / Certification
  2. Practice Group / External Alignment
  3. Enabling PE to developers and technical stakeholders
  4. Promoting PE upwards to non-technical stakeholders
  5. Publications
  6. Performance Engineering Maturity Model

Please join us. We are moving Performance Engineering forward in the world. To participate, join us online at:

To provide feedback and join our mailing list, take this 4 question survey.

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