Performance Engineering Solution Overview

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Throughout our Vivit Performance Engineering SIG series this year, we have spoken about many aspects of this practice, yet many still have questions of how their specific solution could look based on what they already have.

This unique and fresh webinar will take a looks at the process foundation of Performance Engineering and various solution blueprints organizations are using at each step of the process to deliver effective Performance Engineering.

We’ll take a look at blueprints from HPE, CA, IBM, Micro Focus, Open Source, etc. You may be surprised to discover how well these solutions may work together and you may already have them in-house. We’ll also show example blueprints some larger organizations are using. Goal is to provide you with speaking points and models to build a vision with your leadership, showing how much of this can be accomplished by stitching existing capabilities together, focusing on value and results.


Expert Panelists:

Within this one-hour webinar, we will conduct 5 live polls to tailor the discussion to our audience. In addition, our expert panelists have prepared comments to share (with supporting illustrations and real-world examples).

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You are encouraged to check out the replay.  Replay, Deck, and Q&A of webinar available here.

Poll Results:

As we typically do…polling plays a big role in our webinars, so we can sense where our audience is in their journey, and slightly tailor the message and stories best to the participants.

In poll #1, “Are you working to implement Performance Engineering capabilities, but struggling to understand with all the products and solutions? [Yes / No]” Based on the below response, we felt this higher than expected; as from industry feedback, we expected >70% struggling to understand how to put together a Performance Engineering Solution set.


In poll #2, “Do you have a foundational SDLC that you leverage throughout your organization? [Yes / No]” Participants responded 63% Yes, which seemed to meet the expectations we had coming into this webinar.


In poll #3, “When thinking about Performance Engineering, do you have defined enterprise standards? [Yes / No]” This is in-line with one of the reasons why we felt this webinar necessary, and to start the conversation, so we can shift this from 33% not having a defined enterprise standard for Performance Engineering.


In poll #4, “Have you mapped tools to your foundation SDLC? [Yes / No]” It becomes interesting, looking at results from Poll #2 (63% Yes to having a Foundational SDLC) and contrasting that with only 38% mapping tools to that foundation SDLC. Wonder why this would be?



If you missed this webinar, check the Replay, Deck, and Q&A of webinar available here.



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