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3 Key Sessions for imPACt 2016 in La Jolla, CA on 7-10 November 2016

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About imPACt 2016:

Capacity and Performance impacts every aspect of technology, both old and new. As technology changes, the demand and responsibilities of capacity and performance professionals grow. The imPACt 2016 conference will provide the professional development, networking and access to help you succeed in your profession. Find the insight you need for the latest technological developments on internet, mobile, performance & capacity, cloud and technology, all in one place.

1] PANEL: IoT: Performance Engineering Implications [Session #522]

Panel discussion of impact of IOT to performance engineering: Topics discussed: What is IOT Can existing networks Handle IOT – will SDN help the matter, What we need to do to modify in today’s performance engineering practices What tools would you need for this – are current tools sufficient What kind of Monitoring is available today and what would be needed What vendors are contesting this market segment from the performance engineering/APM standpoint use cases: SMART APPLIANCES (Thermostats, Refrigerators, TVs). Panelists include Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace; Anoush Najarian, MathWorks; Vess Bakalov, SevOne; Todd DeCapua, CSC Global.

2] PANEL: Skill Prerequisites of Performance Engineering [Session #532]

In June 2016, a Performance Engineering Summit occurred in Silicon Valley, hosted by HP Enterprise. Practitioners, Academics, Vendors, and Industry Groups were all represented. One of our work items was to identify entry criteria for training an effective performance engineer. Since the Summit, we’ve built and refined this list of skills to help us communicate it with seekers, employers, recruiters, and colleges. As participants in this initiative, we would like to present our findings, talk about what we’ll do with them next, and gather feedback from the larger Performance Engineering community. Please come collaborate with us on explaining what we do, how we do it, and talk about growing the next generation of performance engineers. Panelists include: Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace; Daniel Menasce, George Mason Univ.; Alexander Podelko, Oracle; Todd DeCapua, CSC Global.

3] INVITED: Avoiding Costs, Delays and Failed Releases with Lifecycle Virtualization [Session #555]

Complexity of composite applications, how they are hosted and supported, along with expectations of users continue to accelerate in change and increase in risk. The costs and delays associated with the development, testing and operations of applications continues to increase; and the potential for highly integrated failures in production is even higher now. Learn how the capabilities of Lifecycle Virtualization: User Virtualization, Service Virtualization, Network Virtualization and Data Virtualization works to help you overcome these challenges today. Presented by Todd DeCapua, CSC Global.

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