Zip Code Wilmington is creating private / public / charitable partnerships

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Zip Code Wilmington is creating private / public / charitable partnerships and I am glad to be a part of it in our technology community. Though Zip Code Wilmington, participants from all walks of life participate in a 12-week coding boot camp. As a result, Zip Code Wilmington has educated teachers, artists, bakers and more practitioners, so they can become professional software engineers.

The curriculum is based on projects happening now inside Fortune 500 companies, and designed to accelerate learning through collaboration, which using events and other mentorship programs provide participants with practical industry insight and guidance.
My employer CSC [Corporation Service Company] is a Partner of Zip Code Wilmington and Top Workplace ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16.
From the discussions at this open house, participants in the Zip Code Wilmington program and others were interested in learning from my diverse and exciting career to date. I was impressed with the level of engagement, solid questions and genuine interest in understanding more about opportunities with the CSC Digital Brand Services technology and product innovation teams.
During the 2-hour collaboration I had with students, I was also introduced to several other local leaders in the technology community supporting this program, along with three (3) key Zip Code Wilmington leaders [Melanie Augustin, Head of School; Tariq Hook, Director of Education; Sam Hanna, Community Marketing Manager] whom are all making a difference for our community.
I was encouraged that present participants in the Zip Code Wilmington program along with alumni, leadership and my peers; all recognized the need to have an understanding of Effective Performance Engineering, and the value of this throughout the businesses and our communities to drive the real value we are all seeking to achieve.

Looking forward to doing more with Zip Code Wilmington and other programs like this around the world. Please add a comment to this blog if you have an opportunity, which we should consider, so we can increase awareness and education.

To learn more:
Zip Code Wilmington
1105 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


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