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EMA™ was founded in 1996, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst and consulting firm that specializes in going “beyond the surface” to provide deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. We deliver research, analysis, and consulting services to two key client groups: Enterprise IT Professionals and IT and Data Management Vendors.

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The abstract of a recent research piece titled ‘The Rise of DevTestOps’ stated, “Traditional IT models are rapidly giving way to dynamic, flexible, on-demand designs that incorporate virtualization, cloud, and mobility. These new models shake up the status quo, and applications that worked well in a controlled private network are now subject to the unpredictability of the public Internet, While development teams and operations teams have evolved creating the DevOps movement, testing too often gets overlooked. This white paper examines the concept of DevTestOps as a way to ensure that high levels of functionality and performance are maintained enabling rapid application rollouts and changes with high quality. This provides the actionable insight and automation to drive the modern application lifecycle.”

In the opening few paragraphs they state, “In a recent EMA study, Managing Networks in the Age of Cloud, SDN, and Big Data: Network Management Megatrends 2014, EMA found that the network team spent at least one-third of its time reactively troubleshooting performance issues. Respondents also noted that in the course of one month, application-related issues were at the root cause of their network outages/performance degradation 25% of the time. Troubleshooting application performance issues is getting harder to do in production environments. In that same study Figure 1 indicates that 51% of executives surveyed cited application performance optimization as the number two priority driving IT network monitoring and performance management initiatives. If DevTestOps teams can re-create these network dependencies in a dev and test environment, these performance issues can be proactively discovered and corrected prior to production deployment.”

Below is Figure 1, as referenced in the above, showing the results of their study as shared in this research. ‘Application performance optimization’ being a #2 executive priority at 51%.


One of the closing thoughts within this research is, “Too often broad IT initiatives like cloud, data center consolidation, or SaaS are mandated from the top down for cost-saving purposes, but without a plan to understand the impact on application performance. Consequently, cost savings can be rapidly nullified if performance issues are encountered after deployment. Costs can quickly mount when teams have to scramble to determine what the performance issue is and how to remediate it. Fostering a cooperative DevTestOps environment will result in a very proactive approach to application development and deployment that will result in smoother rollouts and higher success rates.”

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