About the company.
voke is a modern industry analyst firm focused on the edge of innovation driven by technology, innovation, disruption, and emerging market trends. The company delivers market and industry opinion in fluid, dynamic, and collaborative ways, while bridging the demands of the different needs of enterprises, technology vendors, venture capital, and financial analysts.

voke was founded in 2006 by technology industry visionary and former Gartner analyst Theresa Lanowitz.

About voke’s research and advisory services.
The company’s primary research area is the software lifecycle and its global transformation, including virtualization, cloud computing, embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and device software. voke looks at how existing and installed technology can benefit from innovation, provides logical, in-depth coverage of core vendors and innovators, and delivers quantitative and qualitative research.

voke strives to provoke thought and encourage discussion in order to lead markets to higher levels of excellence and beyond the status quo.

voke’s research includes quantitative research on performance engineering, service virtualization, and,virtual and cloud-based labs.

Sample data from a recent voke Market Snapshot Report on service virtualization finds that users of service virtualization average:
50% reduction in defect reproduction time
41% fewer defects
2X more test coverage

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To learn more about voke, visit http://www.vokeinc.com

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