A bit about who they are.
Creative Intellect Consulting [CIC] is an analyst research, advisory and consulting firm founded by Bola Rotibi, an experienced and renowned expert analyst in the field of software development, delivery and lifecycle management processes, technologies and tools. Key areas of analysis are software development, delivery and lifecycle management across the Software and IT spectrum (e.g. Cloud, virtualisation, SOA, PLM, SPL, PLE, Systems Engineering, Analytics and Intelligence, Agile, Mobile and mobility, etc.) along with their impacts on and alignment with business.

More about their specific research.
A report published titled, “CIC Guide: Continuous Delivery Realization – Enterprise DevOps realities and a path towards Continuous Delivery” is available as a free download [link below] and provides a quality insights folding a bit of process in with performance.

The last sentence in the Executive Summary of this CIC Guide states, “In doing so, we aim to establish a definition for Continuous Delivery and the attributes for Enterprise DevOps that reflects the reality of what organization are looking to achieve — namely to improve the speed and frequency of deploying quality software and becoming a more adaptable and agile IT organization.

Below is Figure 2 from this CIC Guide, where they “show how process quality and the level of automation support combine to indicate the pace of release, the potential for risk and the likelihood of stability.


In the last paragraph they state, “Once of the positive outcomes of Agile, for many of those interviewed, was the rise in collaboration between the different IT teams als also with the business.” And, “It also saw improvements in mindsets, with individuals thinking ahead of the wider implication a particular direction might have, or looking how to make value based improvements.

Use the link below to download your free version of this CIC Guide.

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