A bit about who they are.
Ovum is a market-leading research and consulting business focused on converging IT, telecoms and media markets. We create business advantage for our customers by providing actionable insight to support their decisions.
a. 220+ country market forecasts and KPI’s
b. 10,000,000+ market data points
c. 180 analysts, each with on average more than 10 years industry experience.

More about their specific research.
The below are excerpts from a recent Ovum research piece “Eliminating the network variable in testing by allowing real-life network conditions to be used.”

One of the opening comments to this research is, “Interestingly, Ovum’s research suggests that the primary cause of the bottlenecks in the test process is the non-value-adding steps, or process waste. These steps can include: waiting for test infrastructure, application components, and/or data; the inability to replicate production characteristics such as network conditions and end user behavior in the test environment; and the lack of automation. All of these conditions can be major factors affecting organizations’ ability to test quickly and effectively.”

The below diagram in this research shows the four (4) elements needed to create production environments in pre-production environments.


Another conclusion in this research finds, “With increasing complexity of application environments and infrastructure, the complexity of performance bottlenecks have grown too; modern applications have multiple points of failure. With the composite nature of modern composite applications, the network has become a crucial element of how an application is deployed and used, and so performance testing of the application for the various network conditions it will be accessed over is an essential step before deployment to validate the end-user experience and infrastructure capacity estimates. However, replicating various network configurations and real world behavior is difficult in a pre-deployment environment.”

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