A bit about who they are.

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

They develop and implement technology solutions to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency—and may run parts of their operations on their behalf. Ultimately, they enable our clients to become high-performance businesses and governments.

Their businesses include:
• Accenture Strategy
• Accenture Consulting
• Accenture Digital
• Accenture Technology
• Accenture Operations”

More about their specific Performance Engineering practice.
Increasingly, companies want systems to interoperate and application users are demanding more complex business solutions to meet their performance needs. As more stress is put on the applications, the performance suffers and fails to meet customer/end user expectations. Companies are left to reactively respond to poorly performing technology rather than having the tools and planning in place to proactively manage performance throughout the development and product lifecycle.

Accenture’s Performance Engineering service line lets companies meet users’ performance expectations and improve the overall user experience by engineering higher performance early in the application development lifecycle.

They provide high-performance planning, testing, real-time performance monitoring services, as well as remediation of performance issues and service level agreements in IT solutions.

Their Performance Engineering solutions include:
• Application performance assessments
• Managed service for application performance
• Managed centers of excellence
• Performance diagnostics
• Performance testing
• Capacity management

By driving performance-driven development earlier in the lifecycle, we can help clients set clear performance objectives, predict potential performance failures before they occur and identify and isolate the root cause of performance failures. This means that by helping clients manage the performance of their applications more effectively, they also enable clients to better meet their user and customer expectations, reduce costs and, overall, improve their bottom line.

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